Our School

Our School

Our School

Protypa Ekpaideftiria Thessalonikis were founded in 1971 by Pavlos Korifidis. Today, they consist a complete unit of Primary Education that includes a childcare centre, a kindergarten and a Primary school. Our school is situated in Elaiones of Pylaia, in the heart of nature.

Our constant evolution resulted in the creation of our newest building in 2019, characterized by innovative and sustainable technology, following 2015, our state of-the-art premises of the Nursery School, Protypa 2-4.

Our school facilities include a security system with a security guard, a nurse with a fully equipped clinic, including a defibrillator, as well as a school psychologist and a special educator. Moreover, our students’ transportation takes place via our modern and contemporary, transportation network, handled by experienced drivers and escorts.

The center of our philosophy has always been the children and the cultivation of their cognitive and behavioral skills, via human-centered and experiential methods.

Our school is equally interested in the education and development of the skills of the parents. Hence, every year we organize parenting seminars that focus on the children, their interests and needs. For parents who work long hours throughout the year, there is an experiential and creative 10- 11 attendance.

Our “digital school” provides education with the help of interactive boards in every classroom. Moreover, the educational platform of Microsoft Office 365 enables further communication with the students and the parents, while our designed for schools information system organizes and controls all the departments of our school via ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Due to our innovation, the specialized knowledge of our teachers and the tools available at our school, this year we have managed to emerge in Showcase School 2022-2023 for Microsoft.

Our school places a special emphasis on arts and culture. For this reason, English, French and German are taught in our premises, aiming at the acquisition of B2 level diplomas. In addition, for 20 years we have been organizing the "aktis oneirou" institution under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education. It is a theatrical competition, in which elementary students from all over Greece and Cyprus participate. Finally, every summer, “English Summer Camp” addresses both our students and children from all over the city, aiming at the deeper knowledge and awareness of the language and culture of other countries, in an experiential way.

Τhe culture, the spirit of creation and teamwork that we so love and support is also promoted through our school's creative engagement departments, with more than 30 activities. These take place after the end of the scheduled program by the specialized educational staff in our specially designed facilities.

Finally, we are a sustainable, green school that has practically manifested its sensitivity to environmental issues already from the first years of its operation. For this green ecological consciousness and operation we have won and continue to win awards each year focusing on sustainability and sustainable development.

For 50 years we have been operating our School with the child's joy, satisfaction and knowledge in mind, becoming a second, warm family for them and their relatives.

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